Food in Delta First Class

We all love to treat ourselves during vacations, but are Delta Airlines‘ First Class seats worth the price? That is what I set out to find out.

I flew in First Class on Delta’s A321 aircraft from Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP) to Orlando International Airport (MCO). The duration of this flight was approximately 3.5 hours, and I am here to share every minute of it.

Before Boarding

From the moment you enter the airport, you’ll reap First Class benefits. Once you obtain a First Class ticket, you’ll be considered a “SkyPriority” passenger; this means that you will be eligible for priority check-in, security, boarding, and baggage service.

The Seat in Delta First Class

First, I have to say that this was the most comfortable airplane seat I have ever sat in. I have chronic back pain, but the seat was so comfortable and roomy that I didn’t even have to recline! As for the leg room, I was very impressed. There was more than enough space to stretch out comfortably (but, keep in mind, I am only 5 feet tall).

I purposely chose the most “first-class” sounding seat on the entire plane: seat 1A. However, I have some regrets; although there was a lot of leg room, I did not consider that there would be no room to keep my bag with me. Initially, I tried to shove it to my side, but the flight attendants informed me that it couldn’t stay there (as I expected). However, they were accommodating in providing a reserved area to stow my bag and offered to get it down whenever I needed it.

You may be wondering where the tray table is. It actually is located inside of the armrest, which I thought was pretty cool. The tray could be folded out completely or halfway in front of you. It was convenient to have the option to only fold the tray out halfway; it definitely made me feel less confined.

Services in Delta First Class

The service Delta offers to their First Class flyers is noteworthy. To begin this discussion, I want you to think of how many seats are in the Main Cabin of a typical airplane. Hundreds, right? Just a few flight attendants are assigned to service the entire Main Cabin, so it is not a very personal experience. The First Class section is typically very small (usually less than 20 seats), but there is a flight attendant specifically assigned to it; thus, they are incredibly attentive to the wants and needs of their passengers.

During my flight, as soon as I finished my drink, the flight attendant was there to ask if I wanted a refill. She was so attentive that I didn’t even have time to process what I wanted next (which I loved, by the way)!

Drink Services

When I found my First Class seat, complimentary water awaited me. It was nice not having to wait until the plane reached cruising altitude to get a drink. Another bonus: the water was bottled. It is embarrassing to admit how many times I have spilled my drink on myself (and others) while on the plane; the mini water bottles were very convenient, especially when we hit turbulence.

Anyone who knows me knows I love just about every wine I try. This one was no exception; I am not sure what it was exactly, but it certainly did not taste as cheap as the wine they serve in Main Cabin (maybe it was the fancy glass!).

Another bonus: it was free and unlimited; this applies to all drink options, not just the wine. I am not going to lie; I took full advantage of this. There is nothing better than an open bar in the sky!

Snack Services

The question of whether you should get pretzels or peanuts is a thing of the past in Delta’s First Class cabin because premium snacks are served. Although it can vary from flight to flight, I was offered sea salt potato chips, gummy bears, and graham crackers. I prefer pretzels to sea salt potato chips, so I wouldn’t have minded the regular snacks, but having the option to order a premium snack for free really elevated the experience for me.

Food Services

The food was a major bonus, especially considering it was only offered to First Class passengers on my flight. Not only that, but it was absolutely delicious! I never thought I would say that about airplane food. The quality was much better than that of what I am typically served in the Main Cabin.

On my flight, there were three meal options (all of which were free): mushroom ravioli; chicken; and beef. I ordered the chicken dish with some vegetables, pasta, and a snack. I have a food allergy, and the flight attendants were very thoughtful in taking the time to help me to choose which meal I would be able to eat.

The food was served on a non-slip, rubber-gripped tray. This was a major plus because I was served my dinner while we were going through some rough air. I would’ve been wearing my food if it hadn’t been for that tray!

I was also given real silverware and a restaurant-style napkin. The food was served in a ceramic dish, as opposed to the plastic containers usually given to the Main Cabin. Although these are minor details, they made the experience much richer. It felt like I was out to eat at a fancy restaurant, but in reality, I was 38,000 feet above the ground!

Price of Delta First Class

The price of a First Class seat can vary depending on the destination, date the flight was booked, and date of the flight itself. However, the average domestic First Class ticket will likely cost you approximately $500 to $2,000 USD (give or take).

With prices like that, you may be wondering how anyone can afford to fly in First Class consistently. The answer is simple: complimentary upgrades. Per Delta, all tiers of Medallion members are eligible for unlimited complimentary upgrades to First Class. You can become a Medallion member by flying and spending with Delta and their partners. To achieve Medallion status as quickly as possible, consider signing up for an eligible Delta SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express; you’ll be able to rack up a ton of points without even flying! To learn more, click here.

The Verdict: Is Delta First Class Worth It?

As a travel blogger, I am constantly flying; however, this was the most comfortable flight I have ever been on. I was pleased from take-off to touch-down. When the plane landed, I was actually a little disappointed (sounds dramatic, but it is true!).

After only having my Delta SkyMiles Platinum Card for a few months, I achieved Medallion status and earned my free upgrade to First Class. In my opinion, signing up for the card was worth it to receive this perk (especially considering I fly often). If you don’t want to commit to another credit card, you’ll likely be paying a pretty penny for this seat. Is it worth it?

Whether Delta’s First Class is worth the ticketed price truly depends on your financial situation; I do not think it is a must-do if you cannot afford it! Personally, I would probably not be flying in First Class very much if I did not have the Delta credit card. Despite all of the amazing perks, I cannot justify spending that much money on a seat I’ll only be in for a couple of hours. However, I would consider splurging to sit in First Class on a long-haul flight, even if the price were high; the seats were that comfortable!

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