View of the outside of the Lorenzo Hotel in Dallas from the road

The vibrant, luxurious, art-themed Lorenzo Hotel in Dallas, Texas, is a work of art in itself. Its seemingly endless stylistic details make it every art lover’s paradise. If you are planning a trip to Dallas, look no further; this article will tell you everything you need to know about the most imaginative hotel you’ll ever have the pleasure of staying in.

In addition to offering this immersive art experience, the Lorenzo Hotel played a little part in history. In 1976, Ike and Tina Turner arrived in Dallas for a tour; however, when Ike physically abused Tina, she sought refuge in the Lorenzo Hotel (formerly the Ramada Inn). Tina stayed in the Presidential Suite, which is now named the Cake Suite. Another suite, the Escape Suite, was created in her honor. Much of the artwork in the Lorenzo Hotel was also dedicated to her. Both the Cake and Escape suites are available for guests; maybe you’ll be lucky enough to stay in one!

Despite the status, reputation, and history of this hotel, it is rather affordable!

How to Get to the Lorenzo Hotel

The Lorenzo Hotel is conveniently located in the downtown area of Dallas. If you are flying into the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), you’ll be a short trip from the Lorenzo Hotel. I traveled to the hotel via rideshare/taxi, which I thought was stress-free and convenient. However, there are a few other options, which I have outlined below.

Address: 1011 S Akard St, Dallas, TX 75215

Note: the map above is intended to help visualize the distance, but it is not a route map.

Route Estimated DurationEstimated PriceWhy Choose this Route?
Tram 1 hour and 7 minutes $1-$3 USDCheapest
Line 2230 Bus1 hour and 13 minutes $5-$45 USDSecond Cheapest
Taxi24 minutes $45-$60 USDFastest
Drive24 minutes $3 USD for fuelFastest, Convenient if you have access to a car
Towncar24 minutes $100-$150 USDFastest
Shuttle 24 minutes $26-$35 USDFastest
This chart is intended to give you an idea of your options, but please do not rely solely on this. Transportation operators, pricing, and schedules are all subject to change, especially in the era of COVID-19; it is essential to do your own research. Rome2rio is an excellent resource for this. It provides the most up-to-date step-by-step instructions on traveling to and from virtually any destination.

Lobby of the Lorenzo Hotel

Check-In Area

The lobby of the Lorenzo Hotel is anything but ordinary; after all, it is considered the artsiest hotel in Dallas for a reason. From the hot pink ceiling decor to the 6-tiered central bookcase, it is impossible to get tired of it. Every time I walked through the lobby, I discovered something interesting; even now, looking back at my pictures, I still notice fun little details that I did not catch while there!

The front desk staff was friendly, and check-in was a breeze. If you arrive early, there are plenty of comfy seats available. Grab a book and relax while you wait!


If you loved your stay in the Lorenzo Hotel, as I did, consider purchasing a souvenir! To the left of the check-in desk in the lobby, there is a room; that is the gift shop (the Boutique)! While they sell some essentials, they also offer some really cool Lorenzo Hotel merch. I purchased a fluffy pillow (which my cats love) and a fun whiskey glass.

Exploring the Lorenzo Hotel

Don’t get me wrong, I loved everything about Dallas, but exploring the Lorenzo Hotel was one of the highlights of my trip. Whenever I walked around, I found a new, fun seating area. Additionally, the wall art was certainly something to write home about; you have to admit, eyeballs are creepy, but they are pretty cool as animated decor.

In my opinion, the “White Room” was one of the coolest things I found during my exploration of the Lorenzo Hotel. It got its name for an obvious reason; every single thing in the room is white! This room is a bit hidden but keep circling the first floor and eventually you will find it. I don’t want to give away all of the hotel’s secrets!

Standard Guest Rooms in the Lorenzo Hotel

The Bedroom

As a travel blogger, I have stayed in many hotel rooms, but the Lorenzo Hotel was one of my favorites. This room in itself was a work of art; there was so much interesting decor. The oversized lamp was my personal favorite; I also thought the paintbrush and frame on the ceiling were a really creative touch. Are you wondering what words are written on the carpet? Well, I sat down and read it; it looked to me like it was Shakespeare’s Hamlet!

All of the decor aside, the room was excellent. The beds were very comfortable, in my opinion. The room also had a full-sized mirror, a coffee station (not pictured), and a desk. I have back problems, but the desk chair did not cause me any pain. I took some pictures of the model number; writing this article reminded me that I have to buy it!

Lastly, my room had an incredible view of the Dallas skyline. Because the hotel boasts panoramic views of the city, you’ll likely be pleased no matter what room you get!

The Bathroom

Although not as “artsy” as the rest of the hotel, the bathroom was clean and updated. There is not much I look for in a bathroom, just cleanliness and functionality; I can easily say that the Lorenzo Hotel’s bathrooms checked off all the boxes for me.

Restaurants in the Lorenzo Hotel

Hamilton’s Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge

Sometimes, hotel restaurants can be hit or miss; Hamilton’s Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge was undoubtedly a hit in my book. I am one of those anti-breakfast people, but their pancakes and bacon were hard to turn down. If your visit to Dallas brings you to the Lorenzo Hotel, I recommend you check out Hamilton’s.

As the name implies, Hamilton’s does not just serve breakfast; they also offer dinner and specialty cocktails. I cannot speak to the taste of the dinner or drinks, but from what I saw, Hamilton’s looked like an enjoyable spot to stay in and eat. Every Friday and Saturday, during dinner (7-10 PM), there is live music.

The hours of operation are a bit strange, so I recommend you scroll to the bottom of this article and check out the hotel guide I posted for more information.

Taco Enzo

As you drive into the parking lot of the Lorenzo Hotel, you’ll come across some bright and colorful storage containers. They are, in fact, not actual storage containers; they are the casual, quick-serve restaurant known as Taco Enzo! This vibrantly decorated taqueria and specialty coffee shop is open for breakfast and dinner. Because of all of the activities and tours of Dallas I had scheduled, I never got the chance to eat at Taco Enzo; you’ll have to let me know what you think!

Again, the hours of operation are a bit strange. Check out the hotel guide I posted at the end of this article for more information!

Amenities of the Lorenzo Hotel

Pool Area


First, let me just say how obsessed I am with this pool area. The decor was so fun and lively; you won’t find another hotel pool area with a colorful Albert Einstein mural and figurines of dancing blue men overhead! On a practical note, the pool was very clean (although a little cold), and there was plenty of seating. Another bonus: it is a saltwater pool!

The Relativity Bar is located around the corner of the Einstein mural. Food and drinks are served here on the weekends. Check out the hotel guide at the bottom of this article for more information.

Day passes are available if you want to check out this pool but are not staying at the Lorenzo Hotel.

Private Cabanas

If you enjoy the finer things in life, you should consider reserving a private poolside cabana. Standard and premium cabana packages are available, but both come with a pretty high price tag. Each cabana holds up to 6 people and comes with a bottle of choice (absolut elyx, altos tequila, or perriet-jouet grand brut). The standard cabana includes shaded private seating area and a table. If you pay for the premium package, you’ll score luxury seating, an oversized daybed, and a minifridge stocked full of complimentary water bottles and Red Bull. The Lorenzo Hotel hosts some pretty crowded pool parties (more on this later), so securing one of these cabanas would guarantee you a place to sit and relax during these events.

You should contact the hotel to confirm the cabana package details, pricing, and availability. It is subject to change and can vary depending on your preferences.

Cigar Bar

Attention all cigar lovers: the Lorenzo Hotel has an outdoor cigar lounge! If you enter the pool area and walk past the cabanas, you will come upon it. As if your Cuban wasn’t good enough already, you’ll be able to enjoy it with a fantastic view of the city of Dallas!

Fitness Center

I want to preface by mentioning that I did not see nor use the fitness center. That being said, I cannot tell you much about it. I simply would like to acknowledge that there is one available; I know this is a make-or-break for some people when choosing a hotel!

Activities at the Lorenzo Hotel

Sip N Swim Pool Parties

The pool comes to life on the weekends. From 12-7 PM, people flock to the Lorenzo Hotel to experience the Sip N Swim pool party; from 2-7 PM, the party is adults-only (18+). Food and drinks are served from the Relativity Bar, and a guest DJ sets an exciting mood. The guest DJs were DJ Spice Girl and Inkredible Sounds during my stay. As I mentioned before, day passes and private cabanas are available. I could not attend because I was out and about in Dallas, but I heard from the locals that Sip N Swim is something special.

To close, I attached a picture of the hotel guide and some other helpful information I was provided during my stay. I hope all of my art-loving readers take this as a sign to book your stay at the Lorenzo Hotel now; I do not think you’ll regret it!

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