Step 1: Venmo

We accept payments through the app Venmo. After downloading the app, scan the code below or enter our username in the search bar. Per form, a payment of $5 is required.

After submitting the payment, you will be prompted to write a description of the service. Please write “[YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME] – Travel Advice”. This is how we will link your payment to your form. We will process your form once the payment is submitted.

Step 2: Personalized Travel Advice Form

If you’d like a specific travel-related question answered by one of our experts, fill out the form below after submitting your payment. Only one question may be submitted per form. If you have multiple questions, please fill out one form per question. We will respond via email within 7 days or your money back (be sure to check your spam inbox!). In all other instances, no refunds will be issued.

If you have any questions, email us at