Mountains of Las Vegas in the Winter

Something that all employed people can agree on is that you should travel while you can. For me, that meant traveling to Las Vegas during the off-season (winter!). You may expect to pack heavy clothes for winter travel, but that is not the case here. In fact, Las Vegas is quite pleasant in the winter! If you are wondering what to wear to Las Vegas in the winter, you came to the right place. Here are some of the outfits that got me through my trip:

What to Wear During the Day

What to wear to Las Vegas in the Winter (during the day)
Location: The Venetian Hotel
Location: Hell’s Kitchen restaurant

During the day, I would suggest wearing short-sleeved or no-sleeved shirts with a light jacket. My jacket in the picture above is not super “light,” but I run cold! If you run cold, I suggest wearing something similar to what I am wearing in the picture above. You may be able to get away with a lighter jacket than I wore if you run hot. Alternatively, you can try a lightweight long-sleeved shirt. I wore light long-sleeved shirts for a few days and felt pretty comfortable.

I wore leggings most of the time. Because the weather was warm but not “hot,” they kept me very comfortable because they are light but provide enough coverage. My trip also involved a lot of walking, which made these light and breathable pants an even better choice.

My shoes are not pictured; however, I wore comfortable sneakers. As I previously mentioned, my trip involved a lot of walking. Comfortable walking shoes were a must for me. I would not recommend sandals. If you have great feet, then maybe it is worth a try! If you have tired feet, like me, I recommend a more supportive shoe.

As a side note, my sister chose to wear a dress during the day on a few occasions. I was glad I did not wear a dress because I get cold easily, but she seemed relatively comfortable. I personally do not think a dress is the best option for comfort, but if you are going somewhere dressy, you can definitely get away with it without freezing to death! A statement jacket may be a good idea for those who run cold and want to wear a dress.

Las Vegas Winter Day Packing Summary

  • Short/no-sleeved shirt
  • Light jacket/statement jacket
  • Light long-sleeved shirt
  • Pants/leggings
  • Comfortable walking shoes (sneakers)
  • Booties with a short heel
  • Dress (add a matching statement jacket if you run cold)

What to Wear At Night/In the Mountains

Location: Mount Charleston

At night, it definitely gets chillier and more “wintery.” Because Las Vegas is in the desert, the nights are drastically different than the days. I did find it possible to wear what I wore in the photos I posted in the “During the day” section, but I was pretty cold. On some particular days, this may not be an option. I recommend pants and a sweatshirt for maximum comfort. A short-sleeved shirt and statement jacket may also be a great alternative; layering is the key word here!

Of course, if you plan on going out dancing or drinking, you may wish to wear a dress. It is certainly possible, but I cannot promise that you will not be cold. I opted not to wear a dress when I went out, but plenty of people who did wear them lived to tell the tale. If you plan on wearing a dress, bring a jacket! You will be thanking me for that tip later. Alternatively, to stay warm, a bodysuit/shirt, statement jacket, pants, and trendy booties would be an excellent option for a night out (and preferable, in my opinion).

In the mountains, it is also a bit chillier. I wore a sweatshirt and leggings when we drove up to the mountains. There is some snow as you get closer to the mountains. I was cold, but not FREEZING. I would prepare for the cold, but you do not need to pack your parka, in my opinion, unless you plan on spending many hours in the snow.

Again, I chose to wear sneakers at night and in the mountains. I did a lot of walking at night, as well, and they provided the right level of comfort. I am sure some of you will be going dancing and drinking, but keep your transportation method in mind before you pack your 6-inch stilettos. As I mentioned before, trendy booties with a short heel are a great alternative. The Las Vegas strip is long, so be kind to your feet.

Las Vegas Winter Night/Mountain Packing Summary

  • Pants (jeans, heavier leggings)
  • Sweatshirt
  • Bodysuit/short-sleeved shirt/long-sleeved shirt with a statement jacket
  • Dress with a statement jacket
  • Booties with a short heel
  • Comfortable walking shoes (sneakers)

Las Vegas Winter Weather

To close, I have included a breakdown of the winter temperatures in Las Vegas. If you need a little more help deciding what to wear to Las Vegas in the winter, click this link for the current weather. Bon voyage, and enjoy this fantastic winter escape!

Source: NOAA

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