Planning a babymoon can be difficult. Besides the pressure to choose the perfect destination, you also have the added stress of making sure it is pregnancy-friendly. To help me decide, I had over 100 pregnant women tell me where they planned to travel before the arrival of their baby. Now, I will help you decide with a list of their top 10 most popular summer babymoon destinations!

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Top 10 Most Popular Summer Babymoon Destinations

An overwhelming number of pregnant women reported that they would be doing a staycation for their babymoon. Other than this babymoon experience, 10 specific destinations ranked highly; keep reading to find out which ones!

1. Caribbean Cruise

The most popular summer babymoon destination was a Caribbean cruise. Cruises are a great option because they are typically a budget-friendly and stress-free experience. I chose to take a Caribbean cruise with MSC Cruises to The Bahamas, Mexico, and Honduras for my babymoon for those very reasons.

Despite the popularity of this option, it is important to keep in mind that not all Caribbean destinations are safe for pregnant women. As I just mentioned, I traveled to Honduras, but I cannot recommend visiting this Central American country for your babymoon. There is a risk of contracting malaria, which can be very dangerous in pregnant women. My doctor permitted me to visit Honduras and gave me strategies to avoid infection; do not go unless your doctor does the same!

A picture of me pregnant on the beach in the Bahamas, a great summer babymoon destination.

2. Mexico

Mexico was the second most popular summer babymoon destination. As I previously mentioned, I visited this country while pregnant. With all-inclusive resorts and beautiful weather, how could you go wrong? Even better: much of the country is malaria-free, making it a safe destination for pregnant women (however, you should still request permission from your doctor).

A picture of me and my husband in Mexico while pregnant on our babymoon

3. Florida

Florida, the third most popular summer babymoon destination, has earned its place on this list. Whether you are looking for a relaxing beach vacation or a theme park adventure, The Sunshine State has you covered.

I live in Florida, so I did more than just visit it while pregnant. I personally spent a lot of time in Disney World; walking the parks was a great way to prepare for birth! In fact, the majority of pregnant women who were traveling to Florida for their babymoon also said they’d be going to the theme parks.

A picture of me and my husband celebrating our pregnancy in Disney.

4. Hawaii

Hawaii is a dream destination, but is it a good place to travel for a babymoon? According to pregnant women, yes! Imagine lounging on world-class beaches and swimming among tropical fish (a great exercise for pregnant women!). If you are feeling up to the long-haul flight, this might be the perfect babymoon destination for you.

View of Oahu from Flat Island with me standing in the water

5. New York

New York, the fifth most popular babymoon destination on this list, is perfect for pregnant women with a lot of energy; the city never sleeps! As a native of the state, I spent a lot of time there while pregnant. The possibilities are endless: see a Broadway show, shop til you drop, or wander around Central Park! Nature lovers may prefer a secluded escape to upstate New York. There is something for everyone in The Empire State!

View of New York City from above

6. Bermuda

Bermuda was the sixth most popular babymoon destination among the group, and there is no wonder why! With its pink sand beaches, luxurious accommodations, and reputation for safety and cleanliness, there is seemingly no better place to relax before your baby’s arrival.

Beach in Bermuda

7. California

California offers a variety of attractions and experiences that make it an ideal babymoon destination. From the stunning beaches of Malibu and La Jolla to the bustling cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco, The Golden State has something for every type of babymooner. California is also known for having healthy cuisine and pregnancy-friendly activities, such as prenatal yoga, gentle hikes, and spa retreats.

Picture of a beach near Santa Monica pier in California, which is a great summer babymoon destination.

8. Alaska

The eighth most popular babymoon destination on this list, Alaska, is known for its rugged beauty and remote tranquility. Its natural wonders provide expectant parents with the perfect backdrop for relaxation and rejuvenation. Witnessing the dancing of the Northern Lights, embarking on a wildlife cruise, and taking an easy hike through the boreal forests are all activities that are both safe and unforgettable for pregnant travelers.

Picture of me sitting in front of a mountain in Alaska, which is a great summer babymoon destination.

9. Italy

Italy is renowned for its romantic atmosphere, making it the perfect place for expectant parents to travel before the arrival of their little one. Many activities in Italy are suitable for pregnant travelers, such as gondola rides in Venice, scenic boat tours down the Amalfi Coast, and walks through its culturally rich cities.

Picture of me in Cinque Terre in Italy, which is a popular summer babymoon destination.

10. New Hampshire

Last, but not least, New Hampshire earned its spot on this list of popular summer babymoon destinations for its beautiful natural landscapes and tranquility. It is perfect for babymooners who want to enjoy gentle outdoor activities, explore charming towns, and immerse themselves in the laid-back atmosphere of New England.

Picture of a street in New Hampshire.

Other Summer Babymoon Destinations

If none of those popular summer babymoon experiences tickled your fancy, check out these less common destinations that pregnant women chose to travel to (in no particular order): 


  • Louisiana (New Orleans)
  • Maine
  • Tennessee (Nashville)
  • Canada
  • Curaçao
  • Georgia (Savannah)
  • Oregon
  • South Carolina (Myrtle Beach and Charleston)
  • Arizona (Scottsdale)
  • Colorado


  • Croatia
  • Ireland
  • Portugal
  • Greece
  • Spain
Picture of the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland.

How to Choose a Summer Babymoon Destination

I hope this list helped you to choose the perfect babymoon destination for you! However, before booking your flights, there are a few things to consider. First, you should always discuss with your doctor whether a particular destination (or a babymoon in general) is suitable for you. If you have a high-risk pregnancy, there is a chance you may be advised not to travel or to take certain precautions that may affect your choice of destination.

You should also make sure the destination is safe for travel while pregnant. For example, although Caribbean cruises are a popular choice among pregnant women, some Caribbean destinations may be advised against (such as Honduras – as previously mentioned). Check for things such as whether there is a risk of disease, high crime rates, and nonpotable water, and make sure your doctor deems your destination as pregnancy-safe. To learn more about staying safe during your babymoon, click here.

Lastly, depending on when you plan on traveling, certain destinations may be inaccessible. For example, many airlines ban pregnant women from boarding an international flight after 28 to 35 weeks; domestic air travel may be restricted as early as 36 weeks. Cruise lines typically will not allow boarding to anyone who has or will enter their 24th week of pregnancy during the trip.

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