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Segovia, Spain, is one of the most fairytale-like cities in the world. Even better, it is a short distance from Madrid; a day trip is totally feasible (I have done it, and you can too!). You can see most, if not all, of Segovia’s most famous sights in a day. I highly recommend building this World Heritage City into your itinerary, which is why I created this list of the best things to do in Segovia in one day. Your Spain trip is not complete without it!

How to Get to Segovia

Segovia is located in the region of Castile and León, Spain, which is northwest of Madrid. That being said, Madrid is the closest large city. In most cases, it is very easy to quickly get from Madrid to Segovia. Below, I included some of your transportation options.

RouteEstimated DurationEstimated PriceWhy Choose this Route?
Train via Chamartin1 hour and 2 minutes $13-35 USDFastest
Bus1 hour and 20 minutes $7-10 USDSecond Cheapest
Train2 hours and 10 minutes $11-14 USD
Rideshare1 hour and 34 minutes $3-5 USDCheapest
Taxi1 hour and 3 minutes $120-150 USDSecond fastest
Drive1 hour and 3 minutes $17-25 USD for fuelConvenient if you have a car
This chart is intended to give you an idea of your options, but please do not rely solely on this. Transportation operators, pricing, and schedules are all subject to change, especially in the era of COVID-19; it is essential to do your own research. Rome2rio is an excellent resource for this. It provides the most up-to-date step-by-step instructions on traveling to and from virtually any destination.

Things to Do in Segovia in a Day

Alcázar de Segovia (Segovia Castle)

One of the most famous medieval castles in the world, Alcázar de Segovia, is located in Segovia, Spain! It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Before my trip, I had no idea this castle existed; I was in complete awe when I found myself standing before its architectural greatness. Visitors are welcome to enter the castle and climb the tower (for an admission fee, of course); it is currently a museum and military archives building. I did not enter the castle because I wanted to pack as many activities into my day as possible, but please let me know in the comments if you choose to explore this fairytale fortress!

To enter, you must cross a drawbridge over a very deep moat. The moat is not just for show; after all, throughout history, Alcázar de Segovia has been sanctuary to twenty-two kings and many prominent historical figures in need of protection.

Aqueduct of Segovia

Picture of the Aqueduct of Segovia, which is the most famous structure in the city.

The Aqueduct of Segovia (El Puente) was built in the 1st century A.D. under rule of the Roman Empire. It served to provide the city with water from the Frío River. Today, the Aqueduct of Segovia is the most famous structure in the city; in fact, it is present on Segovia’s coat of arms.

Not only is the Aqueduct of Segovia a blast-from-the-past, but I think it is so impressive how well-preserved it is. It has survived centuries and still stands strong, which really speaks to how advanced the Romans were in their time.

Visiting this UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most important things to do in Segovia. I spent a lot of time near the aqueduct, as there are many restaurants and shops in the area. I urge you to put this at the top of your list!

Catedral de Segovia (The Holy Cathedral of Segovia)

Picture of Catedral de Segovia showing off all of the cathedral's beautiful spires.

I’ve been raving about Segovia’s architectural wonders for a while now, but I am certainly not done. Located in the city’s main square (Plaza Mayor), the breathtaking Catedral de Segovia boasts an extensive history. After destruction by war and fire, the Gothic-style Roman Catholic cathedral was rebuilt and refurbished to remain a symbol of Segovia.

For a small admission fee at the door, visitors are welcome to marvel at the interior splendors of this cathedral. I toured the inside during my visit, and I can honestly say that it is just was impressive as the outside. I recommend entering the cathedral but, if you do not have time, make sure you at least take a stroll by to view the outside. It is really a spectacular sight.

Iglesia de San Esteban

Picture of the outside of Iglesia de San Esteban and its iconic bell tower.

Iglesia de San Esteban is one of the many medieval churches in Segovia; however, this one is special, as it has been declared a national monument of Spain and is part of a World Heritage Site: The Old Town and its Aqueduct. The most notable feature of Iglesia de San Esteban is its bell tower. I did not enter this church, but the exterior alone was a beautiful display of Romanesque architecture. Additionally, the surrounding area was rather lively; I found it to be a great place to walk around.

Shop, Eat, and Explore!

A picture of the view overlooking buildings in Segovia that I saw while wandering around the city.

I gave you a list of some of the best things to do in Segovia in a day but, in my opinion, leaving time for yourself to explore is one of the most important itinerary items. While wandering around, I came across a traditional Segovian street dance performance and some beautiful, quaint streets with unique architecture.

In addition to the sights I encountered while exploring, I also tried some amazing food. Be sure you find a restaurant that serves Cochinillo de Segovia (Segovia Suckling Pig); this should not be difficult, as it is the signature dish of the area. The presentation of the dish was a little daunting at first, but it is DELICIOUS. One of the best restaurants serving Segovia Suckling Pig is located right next to the Aqueduct of Segovia; how convenient for your itinerary!

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Now that I have guided you through the things to do in Segovia in a day, let me know what you are most excited to see! You can comment below or contact me.

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