The Orlando International Airport (MCO) in Orlando, Florida, is the closest airport to my home, so I spend a lot of time there. Prior to this year, before every flight, I would walk past the Delta Sky Lounge with curiosity and envy; what was I missing out on? I was told that, with a fee, I was entitled to Delta Sky Club access with my Platinum card. While waiting for my flight to New York from Orlando, I finally decided to check it out. I have been to the Delta Sky Club in Orlando many times since then. Keep reading to find out what’s really in store behind those shiny glass doors.

Delta Sky Club Orlando Location

Delta Sky Club is located in terminal B (airside 4) of the Orlando International Airport.

Once you clear security, you will enter the central shopping and dining area of the terminal, which is where the lounge is located.

Entrance to the Delta Sky Club in Orlando

Delta Sky Club Orlando Hours

Delta Sky Club at the Orlando International Airport is open from 4:30 AM to 9:00 PM daily. Being that most flights fall between these times, you will almost always be able to enter the lounge while you wait. I had a flight at 10:00 PM once, which did not leave me much time to enjoy the lounge; I learned my lesson and now schedule my flights accordingly!

Please note that, per Delta, these hours are subject to change.

Hours of the Delta Sky Club in Orlando

How to Access Delta Sky Club

Delta periodically changes the entry policies for their Sky Clubs. To check the current requirements for accessing the club and entering with guests, visit this website.

This statement may not withstand the test of time, but I currently pay $39 to enter as a Platinum cardholder (as of 2022). Depending on your status and/or ticket type, you may be able to enter for free.

Delta Sky Club Orlando Walkthrough

Entering the Lounge

The lounge is located on a higher floor than the rest of the terminal. Upon walking through the lounge doorway, you will come upon elevators and a staircase; both will take you to the lounge.

Staircase leading up to the main level of the Delta Sky Club in Orlando

After going up the stairs or taking the elevator, you’ll reach the check-in desk. You will be asked to present your boarding pass and membership credentials (more on that in the “How to Access Delta Sky Club” section of this article).

Check-in desk and entrance area of the Delta Sky Club in Orlando


There are various seating areas in the Delta Sky Club in Orlando. First, there are tables in the food and drink area, although they are limited in number and often fill up rather quickly.

Table with a glass of wine in the dining area of the Delta Sky Club in Orlando

The rest of the lounge is essentially one big seating area. There are hundreds of lounge chairs; however, they still seem to fill up fast at certain times. Many of the lounge chairs are situated in front of a television, and outlets are built into the side tables for those who need to give their electronics a little juice. A few of the lounge chairs, particularly those in the back near the bathrooms, have miniature desks attached to them.

In the back of the lounge, near the bathrooms, there are a few rooms with desks. Next time I need to write a blog post at the airport, you know where to find me!

Room with desks in the Delta Sky Club in Orlando

Food and Drinks

The food and drink areas are located to the left of the check-in area. Brace yourself…there are a lot of options.

First and foremost, let’s discuss the buffet. The food is free and unlimited, and it is changed depending on the time of day. It is labeled to indicate whether it is allergy-friendly, which was a major plus for my husband and me (both of our diets are pretty limited).

Buffet at the Delta Sky Club in Orlando

Directly across the room, you can help yourself to a cup of iced water or some fruits, such as apples and oranges. Water stations like this one are also located throughout the lounge.

Water station at the Delta Sky Club in Orlando

A tea and coffee station is located to the right of the iced water table. There are two machines to brew coffee or dispense hot water; a variety of tea bags are available. I was overwhelmed by all of the options they had.

Looking for a little extra kick in your morning drink? My husband discovered that the bartenders are happy to pour a shot of Bailey’s in your coffee!

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: let’s talk about the bar. A selection of complimentary alcoholic beverages are available with your Sky Club membership, or you can raise the bar (no pun intended) and order from the premium menu. You can pay for orders from the premium menu with currency or your SkyMiles.

Complimentary drink list for the Delta Sky Club in Orlando
Complimentary bar selections


I personally love the bathrooms in the Delta Sky Club in Orlando. They smell nice, are clean, and the full-sized stall doors provide a feeling of privacy and luxury. My favorite thing about this bathroom is the moisturizer provided next to the sinks; it makes me forget I am at an airport! Many Sky Club bathrooms have showers, but this one does not.

Women's bathroom in the Delta Sky Club in Orlando
Women’s bathroom

Other Amenities

One of the best things about the Delta Sky Club in Orlando is the free high-speed Internet. It is so much easier to get work done in the lounge; the WIFI and quiet atmosphere are a recipe for success.

WIFI availability sign in the Delta Sky Club in Orlando

Delta Sky Club Orlando: My Thoughts

I have really enjoyed my time spent in the Delta Sky Club in Orlando. Admittedly, I have not been in many others, but this one has everything I feel I need. Recently, I went to a Delta Sky Club at a larger airport. While it may have had more amenities than the one in Orlando, such as showers, I didn’t enjoy the overall experience; it was much louder, cramped, and crowded. Even when the Delta Sky Club in Orlando is crowded, it doesn’t feel quite as chaotic.

I am a Gold Medallian/Elite Plus member and Platinum cardholder. That being said, in 2022, I can enter the lounge for $39. I think it is worth it if I have a few hours to spend there. Airport food is expensive; that is no secret. To me, it is a steal to spend $39 for unlimited food and drinks (plus a more comfortable atmosphere). I would be spending close to this amount on anything I buy within the terminal, which, of course, would not be all you can eat. Of course, depending on your status with the airline, you may have to pay more or less than $39 to enter. The entry policies are often changing, so check out this link to find out your accessibility and determine whether it is worth your money.

In addition to Sky Club access, cardholders like myself often receive free seat upgrades. If you want to learn more about my experience in Delta’s First class, click here.

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