Choosing a cruise excursion can be overwhelming. After booking my cruise to the Dominican Republic (port: Amber Cove/Puerto Plata), I went straight into my excursion search. My friend and I chose the Zip & Zoom cruise excursion, which seemed to be the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation. Was this excursion all it was made out to be? Keep reading for a description of my day and my honest review!

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Zip & Zoom Excursion Overview

The Zip & Zoom cruise excursion is described as a day of ziplining, buggy riding, and relaxing on the beach at the Chukka Ocean Outpost at Coconut Cove near Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Several major cruise lines offer this excursion, including Carnival and Norwegian.

Carnival Freedom cruise ship

Zip & Zoom Cruise Excursion Itinerary


Upon docking at the Amber Cove cruise port in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, my friend and I met up with our tour group of about 20 people at the end of the pier. We loaded on an open-air bus and started our (approximate) 1-hour drive to Chukka Ocean Outpost. Our guide, Flor, educated us on the area and explained our plan for the day during the ride.

When we arrived at Chukka Ocean Outpost, the staff split our group in two: some of us were to do the ziplining first, and the rest were to do the buggy ride first. I was part of the ziplining group, which I later decided was the ideal group to be in (try to get into this group if you can!).

The staff notified us that our photos would be taken during ziplining and buggy riding. The whole photo package was available for purchase for $60 USD. Of course, I purchased it. You can see those photos for yourself throughout this blog post.


Our group first used the bathroom and changed our clothing, if needed. The tour required us to wear below-the-knee shorts or pants. Those who were wearing shorter shorts had to rent or purchase a pair of longer shorts to participate. Luckily, I came prepared (more on this later)!

Locker rentals were available for $10. I had to rent one because I couldn’t bring my belongings with me on a ziplining excursion.

After preparing ourselves and our belongings, the staff helped us into our harnesses, helmets, and gloves. I brought a GoPro, which they kindly helped me attach to a helmet mount (here is a link to the one I used). They then briefed us on how to safely zipline.

The ziplining itself was an incredible experience. I have been ziplining several times, but I can confidently say this was the most fun and beautiful course of them all. The course consisted of four ziplines: (1) over the trees; (2) over the trees and water; (3) over the water; and (4) over the beach. The third zipline was by far my favorite, as the views were top-notch.

Here’s a funny anecdote: I got stuck in the middle of the second zipline. Although they taught us how to get ourselves unstuck, I panicked and had to be rescued!

Buggy Riding

Next, we prepared for our buggy ride. Although we still needed our locker, we had more freedom to bring our personal belongings into the buggies. Each buggy accommodated a driver and one passenger; drivers had to present a valid driver’s license. My friend elected me as the driver, which I didn’t mind!

Our helmets were waiting for us at the buggies. After some instruction on hand signals, we set off. We rode for about 20-30 minutes over hilly terrain, through mud puddles, and down dirt roads. We stopped along the way for pictures at an overlook. By the end of our ride, I was COVERED in dirt and mud (this is why I say the zipline first group is better; I’d never want to zipline while so dirty and uncomfortable!).

Beach Break

To start our beach break, the staff offered us each two free shots of Mamajuana, which is a traditional Dominican alcoholic beverage. I was not a huge fan, as I do not take hard liquor shots, but it wasn’t super strong.

The on-property beach was incredible. I am not sure where everybody went, but my friend and I were the only ones on it for the majority of the time. We enjoyed our time lounging in the sun and swimming in the crystal clear waters of this semi-private oasis. Seriously, it was the perfect hour!

Before we went to the beach, however, we enjoyed some other activities that the Chukka Ocean Outpost had to offer. We ate at the beachside restaurant, drank piña coladas from a real pineapple (the best I’ve ever had, by the way), and shopped at the gift shop.

How to Prepare

Summary of things you’ll need:

  • Arrive in clothing you do not mind getting dirty. Pants, capris, or below-knee-length shorts, as well as closed-toed shoes, are a must.
  • Pack a bathing suit, sandals, and sunglasses for wearing at the beach.
  • Whoever is planning on driving the buggy will need to bring their valid driver’s license.
  • Although optional, an action camera is a great thing to bring to capture your memories. Here is a link to the one I used.
  • Bring cash for tips and photo purchases.

Who Should (and Shouldn’t) Do the Zip & Zoom Cruise Excursion?

I recommend the Zip & Zoom cruise excursion for adrenaline seekers. I’m not sure if children are allowed on the tour, as there were none in my group; you should read the policies provided by your cruise line for such information. Pregnant women and those with mobility issues should not participate. However, once again, you’ll need to consult the information provided by your cruise line (and possibly your doctor) to make the final decision as to whether this excursion is right for you.

My Opinion

I’d like to start by stating that no cruise line or excursion operators sponsored this post, so my opinion below is genuine.

In my opinion, the Zip & Zoom cruise excursion is the best I’ve ever done, and I would 100% recommend it. We paid about $130 per person, and I can confidently say that it was worth the money. In fact, I think we got more than what we paid for (Carnival: please do not raise the price after reading this!). I quite honestly cannot think of anything negative to say about this excursion. My friend and I agreed it was the perfect day.

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