I recently embarked on a 7-day Western Caribbean cruise on the MSC Seaside, during which I stayed in a Deluxe Ocean View Cabin with the Bella experience package. Prior to this sailing, I had never stayed in an Ocean View cabin before. Making the choice to book such a cabin was a bit difficult, as I did not know what to expect or whether it’d be worth the extra money. Are you facing the same dilemma? If so, you came to the right place. Keep reading for a breakdown of all the stateroom has to offer as well as my honest review of its amenities. 

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MSC Seaside Deluxe Ocean View Cabin Tour


  • King-sized bed (in our case, 2 twin beds were pushed together to form the king)
  • 2 small night tables with 2 cubbies each 
  • Lights on each side of the bed 
  • 4 sleeping pillows and 2 decorative pillows 
  • 2 pool towels on the bed upon arrival 
  • Outlets
    • 2 US outlets 
    • 3 USB ports 
    • 2 European outlets 
  • Large makeup mirror


  • Convertible couch
  • Makeup mirror bench


  • 2 bath towels
  • 2 hand towels 
  • 1 floor towel
  • Under-sink garbage 
  • Under-sink storage 
  • 2 shelves 
  • 3 towel racks 
  • 2 hooks 
  • Removable shower head 
  • In-shower clothes line 
  • In-shower hand bar 
  • In-shower step-up bar 
  • In-shower body soap and shampoo dispensers
  • In-shower mini shelf 
  • Outlets
    • 1 120/230-volt outlet


  • Closet with hangers 
  • 2 clothing drawers (in the closet)
  • 3 shelves (in the closet)
  • 3 hooks (2 in the bathroom and 3 on the wall by the entrance)
  • 2 small cubbies per night table (2 night tables = 4 cubbies)
  • Security lock box 
  • 2 shelves in the bathroom 
  • Bathroom under-sink storage 
  • Under-bed space can be used for storage

Other Amenities

  • Television with access to several live channels at no extra cost 
  • Mini bar in minifridge (additional fee applies)
  • Large circular window
  • Total outlets
    • 2 US outlets near the makeup mirror
    • 2 USB ports near the makeup mirror 
    • 2 European outlets near the makeup mirror 
    • 1 USB port next to the bed 
    • 1 120/230-volt outlet in the bathroom 
  • Hair dryer in the drawer of the makeup mirror (cannot be removed)
  • Telephone with automatic wakeup call capabilities and extensions to all necessary cruise-related service desks
  • Ice bucket and 2 cups near the makeup mirror (2 additional cups in the bathroom)
  • Room service/laundry informational and request packets

My Opinion of the MSC Seaside Deluxe Ocean View Cabin

Things I Loved

  • Overall, the room itself seemed more updated than MSC’s interior cabins that I have stayed in (however, some time has passed since I have stayed in an MSC interior cabin).
  • Compared with the interior cabins I have stayed in, the bathroom was spacious.
  • The blackout curtains worked very well. 
  • The cabin itself was more spacious than the interior cabins I have stayed in. My husband and I felt we had some room to spread out. 
  • There was a good amount of storage in the room. Along with a closet and drawers, there was a lot of room under the bed to stow our luggage. 
  • My husband especially appreciated the step-up bar in the shower. As a taller person, it helped him reach his feet while keeping his balance in the small space.
  • The soundproofing was excellent. I never heard my neighbors at any point during the cruise. One evening, my husband played some loud music, but it could not be heard from outside of the room (I tested to make sure!).

Things I Didn’t Love

  • There were either no tissues provided or I could not find them—a little inconvenient but not a dealbreaker.
  • I thought it was standard to provide a pen and notepad, however, I could not locate them in my stateroom.
  • While a hairdryer was provided, it was very weak.
  • There were not a ton of outlets in the room. It was fine for us, as we did not bring much that needed to be plugged in, but I could see it being an issue for some. Purchasing a universal power adapter may resolve this issue, as it will allow you to use those international outlets in the room that would not normally fit your appliances.
  • My husband, who is 6 feet tall, could not comfortably fit on the toilet.

Was a Deluxe Ocean View Cabin Worth the Extra Money?

In total, our Deluxe Ocean View Cabin for our 7-day cruise Western Caribbean cruise on the MSC Seaside cost $569 per person (excluding taxes, fees, port expenses, port charges, processing fees, and travel protection expenses). This is approximately $100 more (per person) than we would have spent on an interior cabin.

While considering that pricing may vary depending on the room availability and season, I felt that investing in the Deluxe Ocean View Cabin on the MSC Seaside was worth the extra money. It was quite enjoyable having the opportunity to look out at the scenery whenever we pleased; it made us feel a lot less confined. We spent a lot of time in the room, especially considering we had 3 at-sea days, and we appreciated the extra living space. If we had fewer at-sea days, we may have reconsidered because we wouldn’t have spent much time there. Having already booked my next cruise, which will be another 7-day journey with a few at-sea days, there is no doubt that I secured another Ocean View cabin. I recommend reviewing your itinerary and determining your spatial needs with the rest of your travel party before booking.

To determine whether it fits into your budget, consider downloading my free travel planner.

This article discussing ways to save money on a cruise vacation may also help you to budget for a stay in the MSC Seaside Deluxe Ocean View Cabin.

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