As someone who values spending money on activities rather than accommodations, I have always stayed in the most inexpensive cruise cabin available. My 5-day cruise to the Dominican Republic and the Turks & Caicos Islands aboard the Carnival Freedom was no different. However, in this particular instance, I was a bit weary about booking the cheapest stateroom, as Carnival doesn’t have the best reputation. Are you facing the same dilemma? If so, you came to the right place. Keep reading for a breakdown of all the Carnival Freedom Interior Upper/Lower Cabin has to offer as well as my honest review of its amenities. 

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Carnival Freedom Interior Upper/Lower Cabin Tour


  • One Twin bed and one upper Pullman Twin bed (with a ladder to access it) 
  • One small night table with a small cabinet and lamp 
  • One light above the upper Pullman bed 
  • Two sleeping pillows on each bed (4 pillows total)


  • Makeup mirror bench


  • Two door hooks 
  • Three towel racks
    • Three bath towels 
    • Four hand towels 
    • Four wash rags 
    • One floor towel 
  • Single-sink area
    • Under-sink garbage 
    • Under-sink tissues (with some extra boxes)
    • Six shelves for storage 
    • Two drinking glasses 
    • Hand soap
    • Small makeup mirror 
  • Shower
    • Removable shower head  
    • In-shower body soap and shampoo dispensers
    • In-shower mini shelf 
    • In-shower clothes line


  • Two hooks in the main room
  • Two bathroom door hooks (previously mentioned) 
  • Three “closets” (two with hangers and one with four shelves)
  • Security lock box (in the cabinets under the TV – I had a hard time finding it!)
  • Four drawers 
  • Under-bed space can be used for storage
  • Cabinet under the nightstand (previously mentioned)

Other Amenities 

  • Television with multiple channels 
  • Large makeup mirror in the main room, as well as another large mirror and a smaller mirror
  • Small table in the main room
  • Drinks available for purchase, as well as drinking glasses 
  • Two beach towels 
  • Telephone in the main room 
  • Minifridge in the main room 
  • Hair dryer in the drawers in the main room 
  • Total outlets
    • One single US outlet under the large makeup mirror 
    • One single European outlet under the large makeup mirror
    • One single US outlet behind the TV (not sure if we were allowed to use it, but I used it anyways)


In total, our 5-day stay in Carnival Freedom Interior Upper/Lower Cabin at the end of April 2024 cost $573 per person ($114.60 per day). As far as I know, this is the most budget-friendly room available on this ship. 

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My Opinion of the Carnival Freedom Interior Upper/Lower Cabin

Things I Loved 

  • The price was right.
  • The room was a good size for a solo traveler or two travelers who do not have a lot of luggage/require a lot of extra space.
  • The motion-activated light under the closet cabinets made it easy to get around at night.

Things I Didn’t Love 

  • The outlets were very limited. There was technically only one outlet available for both US and European plugs, so you are out of luck if you have multiple electronics and no adapter. I recommend purchasing a universal adapter to make use of all of the outlets in the cabin wherever you may be sailing.
  • The ladder leading up to the Pullman bed was flimsy.
  • There was nowhere to sit and relax (other than the makeup mirror bench). I was too tall to sit on the lower bunk, which is saying something because I am only 5 feet tall. My friend and I were forced to each lay in our respective beds during our downtime. 
  • The security lock box was very outdated. I am sure some of them work, but ours didn’t.
Julia and Katie hanging out in the Carnival Freedom Interior Upper/Lower Cabin

Overall, the room was sufficient, and I would stay in a similar cabin again. If you are very particular about your accommodations, or if anything I mentioned above is a dealbreaker, I’d look into another option; however, despite the pitfalls of this cabin, I was fine with it. It was a great option for my friend and I who did not require much space and did not spend much time in the room.

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Would you stay in the Carnival Freedom Interior Upper/Lower Cabin? Or, have you stayed in this stateroom? What did you think of it? Contact me or let me know in the comments below!

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